Grade Levels

Christian Fellowship School serves students in Preschool (3-5 years old) through the twelfth grade and currently has three P-K classes, two K-5th grade classes, and, one 6-12th class at each level. Class size is typically limited to 25 students per grade level or smaller, and Pre-K -5th grade typically has a classroom teacher plus an aide.

The overall CFS academic program is organized into the following divisions: Preschool (Little Knights Learning Center), Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

All levels are located on the same campus, which allows some faculty to teach in more than one division within the school. Having all grade levels at the same location also will enable parents with children at various grade levels to bring all of their children to the same school location.

More Information

At Little Knights Learning Center, we offer a traditional Preschool classroom education, which provides a quality educational experience, while encouraging and enabling children to mature spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially, in accordance with Luke 2:52.

We recognize that every child is fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14). Therefore, every child requires learning activities and instruction that address his or her unique needs, talents, and gifts. To maximize learning, we follow a structured, daily routine that addresses multiple learning styles and student interests. We make every effort to provide an environment that allows students to develop trusting relationships with teachers and peers. As we introduce new activities and skills, students have the confidence to take learning risks and make choices that open doors to new and exciting learning experiences.

A significant aspect of any preschool program is to provide a foundation for personal and social development. Using scriptural truths and Biblical principles, teachers at Little Knights Learning Center gently and lovingly guide students to grow in sharing, serving, showing kindness, and conflict resolution. It emphasizes to students that while God exhorts us to reflect on His goodness through our good conduct and deeds, He loves us and accepts us because we belong to Him, not because of our behavior.

Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade have a homeroom teacher and an instructional aide, which allows for small group instruction in core subjects, particularly in reading. The classroom teacher provides instruction in the core subjects of reading, spelling, language, math, history, and science. As students progress through elementary school, approaching middle school, departmentalization is utilized for some content areas. This allows students to receive consistent instruction, and prepares them for a middle school multi-teacher model. The textbooks used for the core subjects are purchased from Christian publishers, including ABeka, Purposeful Design and Bob Jones University Press. These textbooks help ensure integration of a Biblical Worldview in the core subjects areas.

At each grade level, daily Bible instruction is provided, as well as a weekly Chapel to facilitate group worship and help build school unity. Students also receive instruction in PE, STEM, Art, Music, and Library to supplement the core curriculum. Students learn to read music in fourth grade, and band instruction is an option starting in fifth grade for students interested in instrumental music.

Each grade level provides opportunities for students to learn how to serve their fellow students and the school community. The school participates in the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox program each fall, and several grades visit nursing homes to sing and minister to elderly residents.

Field trips for each grade level provide unique and fun learning experiences and allow students to visit historical sites in Missouri. Fourth and fifth grade students participate in Biz Town activities to learn how local governments and businesses work. Students at several grade levels visit Runge Nature Center for science-related learning experiences.

CFS students in elementary grades score well above the national average on standardized test scores, and students typically score at Advanced or Proficient in nearly all subject areas. InView cognitive ability tests also indicate that over 97% of students are performing at or above the level anticipated when compared to students nationwide of similar ability.

Middle school at CFS is designed to create a community of students who are growing in their relationship with Jesus, their peers, and their community. We want to help middle school students not only thrive academically, but also spiritually and socially. We recognize these middle years are a time of transition, questioning, and developing into the unique person God is making each one to be. In an effort to create a close, community identity, the middle school has its own separate time for chapel, lunch, and P.E. Since the 6th-8th grades are mixed for these times, they are able to make friendships across the grade levels.

As students are older, the scope of school trips increases to include more substantial excursions providing true-to-life learning experiences. Our 6th graders serve as the school’s safety patrol and celebrate their year of service with a spring trip to a baseball game at Busch Stadium with the St. Louis Cardinals. All the students in grades 6-8 go on a ski trip to Hidden Valley near St. Louis. The 7th grade students experience a combination of history, science, and fun with a three-day trip to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky.

High School at CFS is a busy combination of academics and activities designed to prepare, enrich, and mature students in their knowledge, faith, and character. Academics are challenging, but with strong teacher support and individual assistance, students regularly find themselves achieving at a higher level than they may have thought possible. The CFS guidance counselor regularly meets with students to discuss interests, academic progress, establish an appropriate sequence of courses, and prepare for post-secondary training and education.

High school life includes opportunities for leadership, service, athletics, fine arts, and social events. Students learn leadership skills in student council, national honor society, student-led chapels and small groups, extracurricular club activities, and on athletic teams. CFS believes in servant leadership, so service is an integral part of student life. The junior class raises money for a six-day, service and history trip to New Orleans and CFS seniors must meet community service requirements before graduating.

The relatively small size of CFS allows students to participate on athletic teams and in fine arts activities that may not be accessible to them in a larger school. Such experiences shape character, provide opportunities to discover interests and develop skills, provide a platform for displaying gifts and talents, and build memories lasting a lifetime.

High school is a time of developing and maturing in character and social skills. Of course, much of this occurs in everyday student life and classroom interactions, particularly in Bible classes, but all CFS sponsored activities are designed to help students discover and grow in who they are in Christ and in relating to others in a healthy manner. Spirit weeks, pep rallies, and school dances add to the fun and social activities at CFS.