Our goal is to partner with you to help you prepare your child for great social and academic success in kindergarten and beyond while also nurturing their faith as they grow to know and love God more. Research is indicating more and more that successful acquisition of certain skills during the preschool years are highly indicative of later school success. To this end, we use a combination of teacher created resources, High-Scope Curriculum and the Abeka writing curriculum and Purposeful Design Bible curriculum.

Child Assesments

Assessment is essential to inform instruction. At this age, the range that is “age appropriate” in just about every academic and social area is vast. Therefore, ongoing, informal assessment of student skill acquisition is imperative to drive teacher instruction. Teachers will constantly be conducting informal assessment through observation and skill activities. Your child will receive a formal assessment 3 times each school year.

Parent-teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held in October. Each parent is encouraged to sign-up with their child’s teacher for a conference time. Additional conferences may be requested by the teacher and/or parent throughout the year.

Sample Daily Schedule

7:30-8:15Arrival and Free Play
8:15-8:30Hand-Washing and Morning Snack
8:30-8:40Morning Message
8:40-8:50Large Group Time (Gross Motor Movement/Music Time)
8:50-9:05Small Group Time (teacher directed instruction)
9:55-10:15Bible, Praise and Worship
10:15-10:30Handwriting/Literacy Activity
10:30-11:00Learning Center Time
11:00-11:20Clean Up Time
11:10-11:20Shared Reading Groups
12:45-1:00Bathroom/Rest Time Transition
1:00-2:30Rest Time
2:30-2:45Wake up/Bathroom/Hand-Washing for Snack
2:45-3:00Snack Time
3:00-3:30Afternoon Activity/Recess/Dismissal of students
3:30-5:30Learning Centers and/or Recess