Dual Credit

Dual Credit Courses

Welcome to college at Christian Fellowship. At CFS we offer several dual credit classes in cooperation with Central Methodist University (CMU). Students taking these classes receive high school credit and have the option of also earning college credits from CMU. It is now possible for students to graduate from CFS with up to 20 hours of college credit already completed.


These classes have prerequisite ACT math subscores. We realize that some juniors may have not yet taken an ACT test, and in those situations we will look at other standardized test scores for equivalent qualifications.

MA103 College Algebra

3 credit hours

Offered first semester for seniors on the traditional math track and juniors on the advanced math track, or as a full year course. College Algebra is required for most college majors. A study of equations and inequalities, functions and graphs, and systems of equations and inequalities. Prerequisite: Algebra II and an ACT Math subscore ≥ 22 for the semester class, ACT Math subscore ≥ 20 for the full year course.

MA104 Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry

3 credit hours

Offered second semester. Theory and application of the trigonometric functions. Prerequisite: MA103 with a C or better.

MA105 Elementary Statistics

3 credit hours

A full year course offered to both juniors and seniors. An introduction to basic statistical procedures with application to all areas. Many majors require and introductory statistics class. Prerequisite: ACT Math subscore ≥ 22 (or MA103 with a C or better).

MA118 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I

5 credit hours

A full year course offered to seniors on the advanced math track. The differentiation and integration of algebraic functions and transcendental functions of a single variable, and an introduction to analytic geometry. Prerequisites: MA103 and MA104 with a C or above.


EN110 and EN111 satisfy equivalent course requirements at most colleges. The University of Missouri, for example, accepts EN111 for substitute for their freshman English 1000, and EN110 receives credit as an English elective.

EN110 College Composition I

3 credit hours

Offered first semester. EN110 focuses on techniques of topic development, drafting, and revision to help students write clear, concise sentences, paragraphs, and essays. EN110 is also the study of grammar, syntax, and diction and their relationship to effective writing.

EN111 College Composition II

3 credit hours

Offered second semester. EN111 is a continuation of the same techniques and topics as EN110. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in EN110.

Once students have graduated, they can request a transcript from Central Methodist University to be sent to their school of attendance to have the credit counted toward their degree.