Get Involved

Parent-Teacher Fellowship

At CFS we have several ways for parents and even grandparents to be involved. Our school knows the importance of partnering with each student’s family to prepare them for the future, and we love for our students to see their parents helping at events, attending games or performances, and helping in the classroom or on field trips.

Volunteering The PTF

With Committee Positions

Coordinate with Kim Thoma on food and info needs to be on the info table. Be available to answer new families’ questions. 3-4 people to help set up, run, and take down.

We need a Prayer Coordinator (1 person), a Sponsorship Capitan(s) (1-2 People), a Day of the Event Coordinator (1 person), a set up team (3 people), a take down team (6 people), weekly prize coordinator(1 person), challenge coordinator (1 Person), recruiting families (3-4 people), and parents’ night (2 people).

Planning the event (4-6 people), coordinating table guests (1 person), set up baskets (6-8 people), take down (4 adults plus students), baskets (1 coordinator), gift card collection (1-2 people), thank you’s (1-2 people), and flow of the night volunteer coordinator (1 person).

Set up (3-4 people), take down (3-4 people), run the gate (2 people), run the runners (1 persons) , ticket sales before hand (1 person), and raffle coordinator.

(1-2 people), raffle coordinator (1 person), planning (3-4 people, start in Feb), set up (4-6 people), take down (4-6 people), day of (4 people), registration of cars (1-2 people).

Coordinate with Kim Thoma on the theme, time, and events to help with making our teachers feel appreciated. (2-4 people, start at the first of Feb).

Coordinate with Kim Thoma on food, set up, serve and take down food. (2-4 people).

Coordinate with Kim Thoma on food and info that needs to be on the info table. Be available to answer new families’ questions. (2-4 people).

Send out communications to our teachers, at the beginning of the year, to find out what they would like for snacks and such for the teacher’s lounge. Create a Sign Up Genius to send out to CFS families to give them an opportunity to contribute. Check once a week to see if supplies are needed. Try to only send out refill Sign Up Genius once a quarter. (1 person)

Have tongue depressors available in the main office. Communicate to teaching staff, after the Aug. PTF meeting, that the teachers need to fill our their needs on the tongue depressors and place them in their can. You will have to update the names on the can as well. Make sure the Teacher Wall is available at public events that pertain to asking parents to support our teachers. On campus only. (1 person).

Staying Informed

Additional CFS social media accounts include:

We have a weekly e-newsletter during the school year which gives updates on most recent events and upcoming events. This is a great way to stay connected on what is happening no matter what grade your child is in. You can sign up for the newsletter, and visit our archives to catch up on past newsletters.

Our primary social media feed is our CFS Knights Facebook Page. This gives current announcements, upcoming events, and other details about special events and sports updates. Please like and follow our Facebook page to have current news included in your own Facebook feed.

Giving to CFS

Help us continue providing quality Christian education to families in and around the Columbia area by giving to our Annual Fund, becoming a partner with us with a monthly gift, or supporting one of our fundraising events. Contact Stephen McBee or give online.