MOScholarships For Knights!


Click here to find out more information about how MO Scholars work and how to fund this scholarship if you own a business, or if you qualify for a Scholarship.

Families:  If you have students that you believe will qualify, please find the link to the pre-qualification form. As you’ll find on this page, CFS has two avenues for pursuing pre-qualification. After a student is determined eligible, you’ll receive an email with the official application for the scholarship. 

Donors:  Herzog Tomorrow Foundation is working with the state of Missouri to issue over 700 scholarships to low-income students and students with IEPs to attend private Christian schools like Christian Fellowship. Thousands of dollars have been awarded, and there are still more CFS students waiting for more funds to become available. These scholarships are funded by a new Missouri tax-credit program that started on July 1, 2022. The MOScholars tax-credit program allows individuals and businesses to redirect up to 50% of their Missouri tax liability with a 100% tax credit for donations to the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation.


Here’s how you can reserve your tax credit:


2. Once on the MOScholars page, on the right-hand side of page click on “Tax Credit Reservation System”

3. Select “Herzog Tomorrow Foundation” as your EAO (Educational Assistant Organization) to receive your tax credit

4. Mayela Esser, follow up with you after they receive your tax credit reservation.



Mayela Esser, at the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation would be happy to connect with you over a call to answer any questions you might have. You can reach her at 816-601-3379 or email her directly at